Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a resume?

The goal of a shidduch resume is to give someone a sense of who you are, with enough basic information to see if they should begin calling references and get to know more about you.  It’s important to put your best foot forward (i.e. spelling, language, good references) as this, so to speak, is your “first impression” for a potential shidduch.

Why do I need to give a picture?
What should be included?
How can I help my resume stand out?
How do I choose which references to put on my resume?
How can I convey who I am to a shadchan on such a short resume/interview?
How many shadchanim should I meet?
What is the right way to keep myself on a shadchan’s mind, when he/she is dealing with so many different people on a regular basis?
Any other tips or ideas?
How long should I look into information about a boy after he gives a yes to go out?
What should I do if I cannot get through to any references, or need more information?
How many references should be called?
How important is it to look into the boy before a first date?
What questions should I ask the references?
What questions should I ask the references?How can a dating coach/mentor be helpful?
How can a dating coach/mentor be helpful?
Can a family member be a dating coach/mentor?
Do I need to travel for dating?
What is the appropriate way to follow up after a date? Is it important to give specific reasons why the suggestion was not appropriate for me?
What other resources does DSI have, aside for shadchanim?